We are looking for agriculture and animal health supply businesses that want to be able to have e commerce capabalities instantly . Building websites is costly and time consuming and unless they are constantly updated and promoted they will often have limited effect. 

If your local customers start sourcing online products from other sources such as your own suppliers it can erode your bottom line quickly.

No upfront cost we ask for 5% transaction fee for only e sales and you will have whats called your own landing page on the Agfast website which allows you to promote a powerful online presence to your customers. 

1.We provide you an ecommerce selling website so clients can now order and pay for products online. We load the products into the website and the moment a client orders an item you receive notification. You don’t have to pay for a website or an ecommerce website.

Once again, no upfront cost!!

2.Customers can either do click and collect from the store or ask the item to be posted. They can be in the paddock on the phone and making an order and paying for it.

 3.Agfast have many products that clients can buy online. We understand that our partners cannot afford to stock all these items. We organise the wholesaler to either deliver to our partners store or directly to the client. (You will now be earning 50% of the profits paid on items that Agfast sell but you don’t normally  stock)

Just so it is really clear If a client from your database buys an item you don’t stock we split the profit with you.

We organise newsletters with other business’s that are not competition in your space. A small ad will appear on their newsletter and the same on yours. This allows our partners to e market each other products and comply with privacy laws.

In the last year many shoppers have turned to the internet due to Covid 19. We have no lock in contracts, you have no upfront cost. There is no franchise agreements we simply bring our skills to help you make more sales.

To find out more call John Hudson on 0414457455 and we will organise a meeting. Please fill out this form to receive more information.

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