February 17, 2021 1 min read

You might know who Australia's largest private land holders are, but what about GLOBALLY? Here's how they run:
1. Queen Elizabeth II (2.7 billion hectares)
2. The Catholic Church (71.6 million hectares)
3. The Inuit people of Nunavut | Northern Canada (35.3 million hectares)
4. Gina Rinehart | incl. Hancock Ag/ S. Kidman & Co (9.7 million hectares)
5. Inuvialuit of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region | W. Canada (9.1 million hectares)
6. Zhongding Dairy Farming & Severny Bur shareholders (9.1 million hectares)
7. Joe Lewis & various shareholders (6.4 million hectares)
8. North Australian Pastoral Company | NAPCO (6 million hectares)
9. Handbury Group (5.28 million hectares)
10. MacLachlan family | Jumbuck (5 million hectares)

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Rural Retailers

December 10, 2020 1 min read

Rural retailers info.

In two days you could be making internet sales and have paid no upfront cost. 1. At Agfast we decided to work with retailers rather than becoming their competition. 2. Many wholesalers are building websites to do sales directly with customers. 3.Because covid 19 has forced customers to the e commerce world .

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